Mr Highlights Roofing offers a wide range of roof repairs in Everton Hills and its environs. It’s essential that repairs be done as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Faulty flashing, loose tiles and missing tiles can cause costly damage if not fixed instantly. Therefore, contact us today for all your roof repair needs.

Our engineers can repair and facelift both historic and modern buildings and have experience working on heritage-listed buildings. The upgrades and patch-ups are done with utmost care to ensure no feature is compromised. We also do a complete roof inspection before proposing any work and preparing an estimate.

All roofs need regular maintenance. This ensures a maximum serviceable life. A maintenance schedule helps to identify problems early, therefore avoiding bigger issues and costs. We work with many homeowners and business owners in Everton Hills (4053) to formulate maintenance programs. The programs are essential in checking and repairing the first signs of damage. As a result, you get peace of mind that your roof will last longer.

After carrying out an inspection, we’ll provide a detailed report on areas that require immediate attention. From here, we’ll work hand in hand with you to create a roof maintenance plan which best fits your needs. Consequently, all future repairs and Everton Hills roof restorations will be done with minimum disruption to your business and home.

Besides repairs, we carry out repainting and cleaning in commercial and private buildings throughout Everton Hills. Whether you have worn tiles, blocked gutters or damaged flushing, we can help! Our professional services are done to the highest standards. What’s more, our work is fully covered and guaranteed.

Finally, we’re here to help. We cover all the areas, all the time. So give us a call today to discuss all your roofing requirements. In addition to our exemplary services, we offer a free estimate for the work.