Everyone loves the look and feel of a new house, with its new fittings, perfect paintwork and sleek lines. Over time, with normal wear and tear, many house paints will crack or fade due to UV light and exposure to the elements, but as Mr Highlights customers have found, a new coat of paint can transform a home, giving it a new lease on life. Mr Highlights brings over 20 years’ experience to roof maintenance, exterior painting and we have learnt what materials work best. As a member of the Master Painters Association we stay up to date on the latest surface coating technology so we can pass on this knowledge to our customers.

At Mr Highlights we use the highest quality paint for the exterior surfaces of your home, and provide a 10 year warranty on all of our work.When it comes to roof painting we have found that some brands just don’t live up to their name or the grand promises that they make in their advertising. Our research and experience has taught us which brands work the best, so we use quality paint from Nutech to ensure that the work we do, stays looking its best over the long term. This gives us peace of mind in knowing that we are treating our customer’s roofs as well as we would our own.

For roofs we use Nutech’s quality TileFlex paint which has unique self-cleaning nano technology formula, which creates a ‘Tefflon’ like surface, available in a variety of colours that not only look fantastic, but repel dirt. It has a higher gloss component, so it looks great goes on glossy and stays looking newer for longer. For more information about the other revolutionary products that we use or to organise a free quote contact Mr Highlights today.


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