For those who do not enjoy the heat, the Summer months can be a really trying time. Often our cooling bill goes up dramatically and we spend a lot of effort trying to find ways to escape from the heat. You might think that the best you can do is install an air conditioner or more ceiling fans, but the answer could be in the type of paint you choose for your roof. The innovative folks at Shieldcoat have been working with surface coatings for roof and cement for over 40 years, and have had some interesting technological breakthroughs in their product range. At Mr Highlights we like to introduce our customers to the latest innovations so they can get the most out of their roof makeover.

One of the quality Shieldcoat products Mr Highlights uses is the Shieldcoat Thermobond heat reflective roof coating, a thermal protection technology that reflects the heat of the sun away from your roof. This makes it more efficient and saves you money on heating and cooling costs.

We are all aware that colour plays a role in the temperature of a surface, and dark colours will absorb heat, while light colours reflect it. In terms of roofs, the darker the colour of roof paint, the more heat will be drawn into the roof cavity, and into the home below. Unfortunately some Council’s have regulations that prevent you from using light colours on your roof, to prevent glare to neighbours and reduce environmental impact, which leaves you to choose from the brown, green, red and ochre colours. But thankfully the folks at Shieldcoat have developed the Cool Zone Heat Reflective Roof Coating that reduces the amount of heat that your roof absorbs, leaving the house below as cool as possible. Depending on the chosen colour, this paint can reflect anywhere from 35 – 91% of the sun’s heat before it hits your roof, which is a significant reduction.


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