How to Transform Your Home in Three Simple Steps

When we first move into a new home it looks like a million bucks and we feel great going home to it each day. But over time, as insects creep in, mould and mildew starts to grow and the paintwork starts to fade, our castle may not look as great as it used to, and as we drive up to it we may start to wonder what we even liked about it in the first place. When it starts looking a bit drab it might need a makeover to bring some new life and highlight its features. But a makeover doesn’t have to cost the earth – a little bit of maintenance from a quality business such as Mr Highlights can go a long way towards making your house feel brand new again.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

They say a change is as good as a holiday, and a fresh coat of paint is one of the best changes you can make for your home. You may have added new décor to the home and its current paint job might not really go as well as it used to, so why not upgrade to a new colour for some fresh energy. Paint companies regularly bring out new fresh colours that may not have been on the market when you first painted it, so it’s worth having a look around and seeing if there is another colour that really makes your heart sing.

Pressure Wash Cleaning

The virtues of a good pressure wash clean cannot be sung enough in terms of breathing some new life into a drab looking exterior. One might wonder how so much dirt can get on everything, but when you think about it, the atmosphere is full of dust and grime which gets into the air from roads and industrial spaces. Eventually, through wind, rain and air currents it settles on houses and their surroundings, leaving a grimy coating that is difficult to remove with a regular hose off. Driveways, concrete paths, pergolas, pool areas, house walls and more importantly roofs can be instantly transformed with a good pressure clean to remove built up dirt and grime.

Garden Makeover

Your garden could be thought of as the frame of your house and should reflect who you are. When a garden starts looking tired and overgrown it can really impact the look and feel of the house but a little bit of work can go a long way in giving you something to enjoy when you look out your window. Some plants will need to be pruned regularly to keep them looking great but if gardening is not your thing you might want to plant trees that require minimal work. Choosing plants that attract birds and insects will bring some life and action back into a lifeless garden and inspire you to spend more time in it.