Do you have problems with your roof? Don’t worry because we’ve got your back. Mr Highlights Roofing is a Redcliffe roofing company. We have a professional team that specialises in wall coating, roof repairs, guttering, rendering, and much more. Maybe you’re looking for repairs, coatings or just a roofing expert? If so, look no further than us!

When you contact us, we arrange a professional roof survey. One of our Redcliffe (4020) expert technicians will carefully inspect your roof. If there are any cracks, missing tiles, weathering or protruding nails, the expert will inform you what step to take next. Obviously, the next step is doing repairs. But before assembling our tools, we’ll advise you accordingly on the work that’s required, and prepare a quote for the job.

Our Redcliffe roofing experts will then treat, seal, and protect your roof. This not only makes your roof durable but also improves its appearance. Consequently, the value of your house increases. We only utilise the best materials. Our tried and tested products are eco-friendly and come complete with guarantees.

Quick fixes may be cheap now but are likely to cost you more in the long run. It’s better to address the root of the problem. That’s where we come in. First, a full roof inspection will be required. Next, we’ll make a comprehensive report on the work that’s needed. After that, we’ll clean and remove any moss, lichen and dirt before repainting or replacing any damaged tiles. Our services are reasonably priced.

Having your roof cleaned, repaired or painted has many benefits. It’ll make your house look more appealing and improve your home’s value. Best of all, you get complete protection from the elements.

We specialise in Redcliffe roof repairs and everything in between. So contact us today for a comprehensive, affordable, and superior service.