Steel Roofing Brisbane

Steel roofs are a well-known Aussie icon, and we’ve all experienced the relaxing sound of raindrops upon a metal roof. But if your metal roof is in need of repair, and not keeping water out, the sound of rain could be a source of worry and concern, as moisture infiltrates your roof and eventually your home.

Mr Highlights specialises in cleaning, painting and full restoration of steel roofs across the Northern suburbs of Brisbane. Whether your roof is corrugated, Colourbond, metal or zinc, Mr Highlights knows how to get the most out of your metal roof, through his quality roof restoration work. This involves repairing, cleaning, rust treatment and a roof membrane application to get your roof back to looking as good as when it was first fitted.

  • Repair – The first step of a metal roof restoration is to inspect all aspects of the roof for leaks, and secure any loose sheets and flashings. This can mean looking inside the house at ceiling areas that might be showing signs of water leakage to ascertain exactly which metal sheets may be damaged. If any of the roof sheets are in poor condition, they are replaced with new sheets. The rusted nails and screws are replaced with quality fittings to ensure that the sheets are firmly secured and there are no areas for leakage to occur.
  • Cleaning – The roof is cleaned with a high pressure cleaner to remove rust, scale, dirt, moss, fungus and any other debris that could cause it to deteriorate over time. It also prepares the roof for the application of the membrane.
  • Rust treatment and membrane application – If there is rust found anywhere on the metal roof a rust treatment is applied to ensure that the roof is watertight. It can also be beneficial in providing a surface for the membranes and primers to adhere to.

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